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No, we use dedicated servers and over experts uses advance tools. Contact us for more details.

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WE have more than 15 years of experience providing student assistance.

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We value our student’s privacy and ensure complete confidentiality.

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Never, we will never do that.

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The TEAS test will consist of 170 multiple-choice questions. The questions will not be difficult. After completing your college education, you are more than qualified to answer these questions. Our academic education often causes us to forget what we studied during our early years. TEAS is a very competitive exam that requires a great deal of studying for individuals seeking to become certified nurses. We won't let you fail the exam if you don't have time to study.
TEAS scores are valid for two years, meaning 24 months, after passing the exam. As a result, you have 24 months from taking the exam to get yourself admitted to a nursing school.
In this test, all of the questions that you will be asked will be multiple-choice questions. You will find a total of 170 multiple-choice questions on the test when you take it. Among the 170 questions in the test, 150 are scoring questions. A pre-test process would be used for the remaining 20 items. You must answer each question as equally important, as you don't know for sure which questions will have a score attached to them and which won't.
You have 209 minutes to answer 170 questions. It's a good time considering all questions are multiple-choice. We'll take a ten-minute break after you answer the first two sections. This ten-minute period constitutes no part of the 209 minutes allocated for the exam.
A "composite score" is used to describe your overall score on the TEAS exam, which is your main score. Your composite score will reflect your overall performance in each of the four segments of the test (Reading, Mathematics, Science, and English/Language usage) as well as your overall performance in each of the four segments. Nursing schools have different admission criteria when it comes to the TEAS score as far as admission to the school is concerned. Then again, if you can obtain a composite score between 60 and 70%, you will be eligible for admission into most nursing schools across the country if your composite score is between 60 and 70%. We can promise you that if you hire us to take the test on your behalf, you will be able to get the score you want without spending a single moment studying for the test.
During the exam, you will have the option of using a calculator, if you choose so. Do you have any questions regarding what you should do if you are taking the test online? This process is very simple; you will be using a digital calculator, which you can find on any computer.
You can return to a test to answer a question you have answered incorrectly or skipped after you have answered it. As a result, once you have completed a segment, you will not be able to return to it to answer a skipped question or change an answer after you have completed it. As a nursing school, we are always considerate of these regulations when helping individuals who wish to become nurses. We can provide you with the help you need if you are looking for nerds who can take my TEAS for me.
You can retake the test if your score is not satisfactory or if you fail to pass the test the first time you take it. It is, however, recommended that a candidate who is reappearing for the TEAS exam needs to maintain a gap of at least 30 days between the two tests. However, several schools do not have any such regulations in place at all. Moreover, some nursing schools allow candidates to take their exam as many times as they want, while others only allow them to take the test twice.When you contact us, you will not have to worry about the rules and regulations about retests, so you will be able to focus on improving your scores. The experts at our company will make sure that you pass your test the first time on your first try with excellent scores. These nerds can attain this because they follow the most effective TEAS reading tips available. Please contact us if you would like to know more about our TEAS exam services.
Take my ATI TEAS exam Experts and professionals from a variety of fields contribute to our team, including Reading, Mathematics, Science, English others.
There is no doubt that the TEAS test is one of the harder tests to pass. It is a multiple choice test consisting of 170 questions designed to test the basic academic skills of the candidates. Those who have been out of school and in the workforce for some time might find it difficult or even overwhelming to go back to school after some time. Your money will be refunded if you don't pass the test. The tutors at Tutor Doctor have helped hundreds of aspiring nurses get into the nursing programs of their choice, without the need to take tests.
This exam is available in three venues: the ATI TEAS Exam - which can be taken on-campus or remotely via remote proctoring at an institution, or TEAS - which can be taken online using remote proctoring. There is an online exam that can be taken through ATI Remote Proctors called TEAS. In-person TEAS testing at a PSI National Testing Center can be conducted by PSI under the TEAS program. As a proctored candidate for the ATI TEAS exam, we can assist you in passing the test if you are registered to take it online through remote proctoring.
This test, there are four parts, and the composite score consists of the scores from each of the four parts. In terms of the total score, it ranges from 0% to 100%. A score represents the level of academic preparedness and is divided into four categories based on its level. Basic 41.3% to 58.0% Proficient 58.7% to 77.3% Advanced 78.0% to 90.0% Exemplary 90.7% to 100.0%
There are 170 multiple choice questions on the TEAS test, which are divided into four sections. There are 53 questions in the reading section, which must be answered in 64 minutes, 36 questions in the mathematics section, which must be answered in 54 minutes, 53 questions in the science section, which must be answered in 63 minutes, and finally 28 questions in the English Language and Usage section, which must be answered in 28 minutes.
The answer is yes, you can do that. It is the specialty of our team of professional tutors to prepare students for the proctored ATI TEAS test. The overall score must be 90% or you can get a refund of your money.
After the date of your TEAS examination, your score will remain valid for two years.
The ATI TEAS Exam can be taken at one of three locations: TEAS — either on-campus or online through remote proctoring at an institution. TEAS at ATI is an online examination administered utilising ATI Remote Proctors. In person at a PSI National Testing Center. If you are registered to take the proctored ATI TEAS exam online via remote proctoring, we can assist you in passing.
The TEAS can be taken three times per year on average by a student. You can take the TEAS test as many times as you like, but each school sets their own requirements on how long you have to wait between attempts. Take the test a second or third time, if permitted, and still submit your application on time if you are aware of the school's requirements.
The TEAS examination consists of 170 multiple-choice questions organised into 4 sections. Reading contains 53 questions to be answered in 64 minutes, mathematics has 36 questions to be answered in 54 minutes, science has 53 questions to be answered in 63 minutes, and English Language and Usage has 28 questions to be answered in 28 minutes.
Yes, you can. Our team of qualified tutors specialises in administering the proctored ATI TEAS examination. We promise an overall score of 90% or we will refund your payment.
Yes, we can. We, at Takemyatiteasexam.com, are renowned for our 24/7 availability and speedy, dependable service. No longer need to worry about deadlines. Permit us to assist you on your path to success.
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